Body Pump

Body pump is a weight, step and abb class that builds strength, muscle endurance, tones your whole body and pushes you to the limit every time.

This popular class will help you transform your body shape. This is a revolutionary form of resistance training that focuses on low level weights but high repetition volume, helping you burn through calories whilst gaining strength. Body Pump is not about lifting heavy weights.

Body Pump is highly effective, working all of your major muscle groups in one session, as you have adjustable weights to fit your own fitness level, using weight bars, step and exercise mats.

Body Pump is an all over body work out as you squat, dead lift, power cleans, curls, thruster, press,  step, and throw some  free weight abb exercises into the mix.

BARGAIN PRICE OF JUST – £3.50 per session (no membership)

Contact Details

Frank Collins                                                                        


Mobile – 07766418547                                                                  


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What our members say

 Lloyd Smith
Lloyd Smith

I first went to Frank back in 2011 as I needed help to get fitter and lose some weight, when I first started I weighed 19st 2lbs. Since then under Franks guidance and training I have managed to get my weight down to 15st 4lbs and I have competed in an amateur boxing contest and various sporting events. Boxing Fit provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, especially for beginners, The classes are tailored for all levels of fitness, gender and age.

 John Harrison
John Harrison

I have been training at the club for over two years now and I've never been fitter, great group of lads and great atmosphere, just what you want for the sessions Frank has in store for us. I would recommend Boxing Fit Academy to anyone wishing to compete as a amateur boxing or even just to improve there fitness.