Cross Fit

This popular class is run at R A Fitness and is inclusive with your boxingfit  membership.

For non members:  BARGAIN PRICE OF JUST – £3.50 per session

Wednesday sessions, we work on strength & conditioning  (Cross Fit) as we have exclusive use of a well equipped functional gym.

This class is very high intesity,  featuring dynamic exercises like plyometric  jumps, olympic lifts, while using non – traditional weightlifting equipment such as kettlebells, sand bags, olympic bars and weight plates, pull up bars, etc.

The sessions are structured in such a way  that  participants are challanged to do a certain number of repetitions  in a work out,  but in a specific time frame and compete against each other to see who can complete the workout in the fastest time frame.

We  make Cross Fit training as part of  our boxing  training  plan, as it  requires every aspect of  physical  fitness:



Cross Fit has  many  benefits, due to the high intensity which pushes you past your limits, gets the heart  rate pounding and metabolism racing.

High intensity power based exercises are effective  for improving anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels, whilst simultaneously promoting the anabolic hormones such as testosterone, HGH and IGH- 1 which are responsible for muscles growth and can have an anti-aging effect.


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R A fitness,                                                 Frank Collins & Martin Dunwoody

Unit 3 Winnington, Warehouses,      Mobile – 07766418547/07512200401

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What our members say

 Lloyd Smith
Lloyd Smith

I first went to Frank back in 2011 as I needed help to get fitter and lose some weight, when I first started I weighed 19st 2lbs. Since then under Franks guidance and training I have managed to get my weight down to 15st 4lbs and I have competed in an amateur boxing contest and various sporting events. Boxing Fit provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, especially for beginners, The classes are tailored for all levels of fitness, gender and age.

 John Harrison
John Harrison

I have been training at the club for over two years now and I've never been fitter, great group of lads and great atmosphere, just what you want for the sessions Frank has in store for us. I would recommend Boxing Fit Academy to anyone wishing to compete as a amateur boxing or even just to improve there fitness.