Sponsorship Proposal

Boxingfit Academy

Boxingfit Academy

Sponsor a local boxing club for £250 a year!!

This is great value for money and a fantastic way to advertise your business with a good cause.

What will £250 do for your business annually?

Boxingfit academy will be running a minimum of two local club boxing shows throughout the year.

Your advertisement will have a full page in our programmes and the name of your company will be announced by the commentator, when introducing one of our boxers names, just before the bout is due to proceed. Your advertisement will be projected onto a big screen behind the ring, which will be rolling advertisements throughout the night.

The weeks running up to our shows, your logo and advertisement details will be printed on our posters, which will be put up around local and surrounding towns. As well as this, your full company advertisement will be put onto our Facebook page,(which has over 2100 ‘likes’) numerous times in the build up to and after the shows also at the end of every month with a thank you message. These posts are liked and shared by our members and participants of the event/club.

Your company advertisement will also be permanently up in our gym on a mobile standing billboard, which we will take with us to our shows.
We have planning permission to put up 2 banners permanently in public places, which will also contain your company logo (one of which is in Northwich town centre)

Our website will have your advertisement on it permanently, with a link going through to your company’s website.
We will send you a copy of our boxing show programmes and a poster with your advertisement on, and keep you updated on our up and coming boxing shows, where you can come and watch our boxers in action and listen to your company being announced when the commentator introduces the bout, as well as your advertisement in the background on the big screen. (Our previous shows have brought in over 350 spectators who are each given a free programmes

PLUS – 4 free VIP ringside table tickets to all our boxing shows

You are welcome to come and visit our boxing club and see your advertisement and check out our Facebook page to see your company frequently being mentioned.

Take a look at our website where you will find the link to your website.

This £250 a year will do a great deal towards our club and your business, but effectively it won’t cost you a penny!!
As we are a registered charity,you will be able to claim your money back at the end of the tax year…for more info on this, click on the link. https://www.gov.uk/tax-limited-company-gives-to-charity/sponsoring-a-charity

Option 2:

Sponsor our club for £1000 a year


This will provide 10 boxers with a club Hoodie, vest and track suit each.
Your companies’ logo/details will be printed on the each of these garments.
The boxer will wear his/her or hoodie or club track suit when going to competing on our shows and various other boxing shows around the country as well as various championships which are run throughout the year. Your logo/details will be printed down the arm, and on the front of the hoodies and tracksuits.
The sponsored boxer will wear a vest when competing with your company’s logo/details printed on the front

This is a fantastic way of advertising your business, not just locally, but nationally!

Remember, effectively this won’t cost you a penny as we are an amateur club and it can be deducted from taxes at the end if the tax year! follow the link https://www.gov.uk/tax-limited-company-gives-to-charity/sponsoring-a-charity

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Yours sincerely
Frank Collins & Martin Dunwoody

Club details
Boxingfit Academy
Works lane
Mobile – 07766418547/ 07512200401
email info@boxingfit-cheshire.co.uk
Website www.boxingfit-cheshire.co.uk
find us on Facebook under ‘boxingfit

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What our members say

 Lloyd Smith
Lloyd Smith

I first went to Frank back in 2011 as I needed help to get fitter and lose some weight, when I first started I weighed 19st 2lbs. Since then under Franks guidance and training I have managed to get my weight down to 15st 4lbs and I have competed in an amateur boxing contest and various sporting events. Boxing Fit provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, especially for beginners, The classes are tailored for all levels of fitness, gender and age.

 John Harrison
John Harrison

I have been training at the club for over two years now and I've never been fitter, great group of lads and great atmosphere, just what you want for the sessions Frank has in store for us. I would recommend Boxing Fit Academy to anyone wishing to compete as a amateur boxing or even just to improve there fitness.